Absolutely, But

by Steven Huckle

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Provenator | Micromorpher

Published Academic Papers

Fake News - a Technological Approach to Proving Provenance Using Blockchains | Towards a post-cash society: An application to convert fiat money into a cryptocurrency | Socialism and the Blockchain | Internet of Things, Blockchain and Shared Economy Applications


My Abi | Stories from the Campfire

Short Stories

The Knucker of Lyminster | The Law of the Minusculus | The Millwright | The Earth and the Moon | The Druid | Freedom | The Hope of Gods | Gratitude | Change | Frederick

Flash Fiction

Eric | Fortunes Always Hiding | Wisdom


Soon To Be 73 | Prudictive Text | The Battle of Orgreave | Dreamland | The Road Through the Woods | Winter | Not Christmas | Difficult


Echo Chamber | What’s Wrong With Now? | On the Streets | College Campus

MSc Thesis

Are the Government’s Plans Sufficient In Order to Meet the Legislative Targets for CO2e Emissions Set Out Within the Climate Change Act 2008?

MSc Essays

Meat Thy Maker | How Best to Increase the Sustainability of Modern Binders? | How Best to Finance a Health System? | Is Noise Changing Our Climate? | Phallic Symbols of the 21st Century

Stuff With Absolutely Nowhere Else To Go

Chicken and Eggs | Wind | Patience | Scotland vs England | My Great Escape

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