I am an experienced Computing Professional, educated to Doctoral level.

Professional Profile

Currently, I am researching blockchains for a PhD at the University of Sussex. My career in computing began in the early 1990s, when, after achieving a distinction for a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, I helped administer large UNIX computer systems for companies such as Reuters. I then ran my own web-based business, which streamed DJ mixes over the Internet. Unfortunately, that was a little ahead of its time and monetising the project proved problematic. However, it sparked an interest in digital music and so, in 2003, I began an MSc in Music Technology at City University, London. That led to my becoming an Audio Programmer in the games industry, where I created the sound engines in Sony London Studio’s World Tour Soccer and World Tour Soccer 2, and Zoe Mode’s Rock Revolution and High School Musical 3. In 2010, I undertook a second MSc, this time in Advanced Environment and Energy at the Centre for Alternative Technology; my intention was not to change my career, but rather, to increase my knowledge of environmental issues, a passion I’d had for a while and have maintained to this day. I funded that course by working as a Freelance Programmer for many and varied clients. My main focus was on building websites, but I did other things, too, such as create an Elasticsearch training course for a company specialising in open source search technologies. Then, in 2013, a friend asked me to build him a Bitcoin mining rig, and so began my journey into blockchain technologies.


  • Twenty-five years experience in the computing industry, beginning in 1992 with a COBOL programming course.
  • Five years involved with blockchains, including three years researching the technology as part of a PhD, where I have been developing blockchain-based applications (dApps), such as Provenator. In 2013, I built two cryptocurrency mining rigs - one for Bitcoin, the other for Peercoin. Each system consisted of six Enterpoint FPGA Cairnsmore 1 boards, attached to mining daemons running on a Raspberry Pi.
  • Created and maintained training materials for the search technologies Apache Solr and Elasticsearch.
  • Created and managed many websites for clients.
  • Four years of games industry experience, where I worked on four completed titles, for which I provided audio programming technology, written in C++.
  • Long before Apple published iTunes, I built a website for streaming and selling DJ mixes.
  • Project managed an upgrade of Reuters’ server-side Knowledge System, a platform business analysts used to examine financial data.


  • I am the author of ReportAid, a prototype blockchain application to help increase the trust of humanitarian aid reporting. The web-based frontend uses React + TypeScript + Redux.
  • I am also the author of Provenator, a blockchain application for proving the provenance of digital assets. The frontend uses React.
  • I have published academic papers.
  • I wrote a stand-alone eight-track mixing desk for the Xbox 360 game Rock Revolution.
  • Designed pitch detection routines and developed a cross-platform audio library for the singing game Disney’s SingIt – High School Musical 3.
  • For my MSc dissertation at City University, I built a parallel formant synthesiser and a Finite Impulse Response filter (designed in Matlab and implemented in C++), which, given notes from a keyboard, produced the vowel sounds of the human vocal system.
  • I was part of a small team that upgraded Reuters Knowledge System, massively streamlining the platform, making it faster, more robust, and more maintainable.
  • For my BSc dissertation, I wrote a Web-based Java application for monitoring the performance of a running UNIX system.

Academic Publications

Career History

  • November 2008 – January 2016: Freelance Programmer.
  • May 2007 – November 2008: Senior Audio Programmer - Zoe Mode.
  • October 2004 – May 2007: Senior Audio Programmer - Sony Computer Entertainment.
  • August 2001 - September 2003: Company Director - Yossarian Computing Ltd.
  • February 2001 - August 2001: Contract Web Support Engineer - Credit Suisse First Boston.
  • July 1998 - January 2001: Contract UNIX Technical Support Engineer - Reuters Ltd.
  • November 1997 - May 1998: UNIX Systems Administrator - University Of North London.
  • July 1996 - June 1997: Intern’ as UNIX Systems Administrator - Reuters Ltd.
  • March 1995 - October 1995: Contract IT Systems Trainer - Hounslow Social Services.
  • June 1992 - September 1994: UNIX Systems Administrator - Seymour International Press.


  • February 2016 - Now: PhD in Blockchain Technologies at the University of Sussex.
  • September 2010 – January 2014: MSc Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies from the Centre for Alternative Technology.
  • January 2005 – September 2008: Diploma in Mathematics from the Open University.
  • September 2003 – September 2004: MSc (Distinction) in Music Technology from City University, London.
  • September 2003 – April 2004: LOCN World Arts and Music Pathway Level 2 (Music Theory, Aural Training, Studio Production, Mix-Down Processes).
  • September 1994 - June 1998: BSc (Hons) 1st class in Computer Science from the University Of North London.
  • January 1992 - January 1993: Applications Programming in COBOL - City & Guilds 424.

Personal Details

Available upon request.

Leisure Interests

I have many and varied interests, whose focus, often, is to keep me physically and mentally capable. I maintain a youthful sense of fun and creativity through writing code, prose, poetry and playing the guitar. I am mindful of other beings, especially my two daughters, to whom I give as much love and time as possible.


Available upon request.