10 November, 2019

I wish you were a monkey,
That I could scratch behind the ears,
I would feed you lots of ‘nanas,
And hug away your years.

I’d pretend to be a lion,
As we wrestled on the ground,
Strong, fearless, gentle, proud and wise
My hero I have found.

Then I’d cling to you tightly,
As you climbed into the trees,
I’d fall asleep amidst your calm,
Delight, the midnight breeze.

But now I’m home, alone again,
A monkey? Not really my wish!
Just a present father’s love,
A dad to spend time with.

Instead, you’re at your office,
Or in a soulless airport lounge,
Away from home yet again,
Your time I have to scrounge.

I don’t think it’s much to ask,
To want you home sometimes for tea,
After we’d play-fight, and run,
And then you’d read to me.

Then I’d cling to you tightly,
You climb in beside me, please!
I’d fall asleep amidst your calm,
Delight, your mighty squeeze.

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Monkey by Steve Huckle is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at https://glowkeeper.github.io/assets/poetry/monkey/.