20 October, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Frederick. 13 years later, he was sitting on a bench, with his friends, when he met a monkey. He said to his friends: “Could you please excuse me for a while?” The monkey then said: “The legend is foretold that you will slay the dragon. So off you go! Shew! Shew!” Frederick was confused, and exclaimed, “But where am I going?” “Ah, good question”, said the monkey. “You are off to slay the dragon! Here’s a map.”

(drawing of a map)

Off Frederick went to find the dragon and slay him! But wait! Frederick had lost the map! Luckily, he had GPS on his iPhone, so he put the dragon’s coordinates into Google maps and set off.

Soon, he came to a deep, dark forest, where an evil witch lived in a raggedy old hut with raggedy old curtains. Frederick looked inside and thought better of it, “I shouldn’t go in there!” And with that, off he scarpered until he came out of the woods and onto a beach.

At the seaside, Frederick was met by some vicious pirates. “Hehyah!” And with that one fell swoop of Frederick’s sword, the pirates were defeated! Frederick took their ship and sailed to the island of the wood elves, which was en-route. It was full of beautiful trees and lots of birds singing. The wood elves were partying (it was Christmas after all), drinking fine ales and mead. The wood elves spotted Frederick, but he ran away before they could catch him.

Frederick sailed on, but mid-seas, a terrifying sea warrior rose up in front of the ship. Frederick struck out with his sword, vanquishing the sea warrior, and he sailed on.

As soon as Frederick came to the shore of the island that was home to the dragon, he saw the mountain where the dragon lived. Frederick took two hours to climb the mountain, and when he reached the dragon’s doorway, it was ajar. The dragon was waiting, but so was Frederick! He drew his sword! Frederick and the dragon fought for many hours; Frederick with his valiant sword and the dragon with a deathly breath of fire. But as daylight broke, the dragon had been slain!

Frederick climbed back down and re-boarded his ship to sail home. Back passed the island of the wood elves, whom he once more escaped. He went on across the seas and back through the woods and once more deceived the witch. Until he was back home where the monkey was waiting with a gold medal, which was “Fit for a hero! Fit for a King!”

When he saw his friends, he told them of his adventures and voyages across the seas.

The end.

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